Fat Man Philanthropy

Buzz Labs supports the next generation of American engineers. We read every week that fewer engineers are graduating from American universities every year.  All proceeds collected through this program will go to support Florida Engineering projects. 

We are not collecting money for specific universities, however we are gathering donations to sponsor materials for student projects for hands-on engineering projects for engineering students. Be part of the next generation of American Engineers.

Our main interests are in vehicle design, sensor fusion, vehicle autonomy and robotics competitions at the undergraduate level. These projects take lots of resources. Please email us to find out how we can get the wires connected. Remember every dollar donated is tax deductible.

Email us at info@fatmanflying.com Soon we will have a PayPal donation account so direct donations can be taken. Check out our Buzz Gear page for special philanthropic items that will also contribute to the cause. As we make donations to programs we will put up a Google map with contact information about the projects we help! Help us, help them.