It Is All About the Truth

Using our specially design Unmanned Ground Vehicles, we can inspect those tough to get to trouble areas in your fields without having to send a person out there.  With much of the same technologies as we use on our pilot-assisted aircraft, we can gather compatible data that is up close and personal. 

Why settle for 5mm-1cm pixels when you can have them in clear stereoscopic video? Now we can offer this too. Our UGV streams live data of the inspection and makes HD-compatible movies of ground truth inspections. Pictures may tell a thousand words, but no one said that one picture told the whole story.

Putting our camera vehicles to work will help get your Botanists the whole picture. We will reduce monitoring costs y monitoring changes to your fields over time. Increase your productivity by giving your staff more time to make important decisions about your business.

More information about pricing coming soon. Subscription pricing available

Please contact us if you have any specific questions.